I Need Your Help

I've been waiting
I've been hurting
Cause I've been falling
I need your help

My heart is breaking
So tired of crying
Lord I'm calling
I need your help

I dont wanna fight no more
I dont wanna fight this war
Forgive me Allah

I'm so broken
My wounds are open
My life is frozen
I need your help
Cause people always let me down
I'm losing all my air right now
I'm suffocating out my drown
I need your help
Forgive me Allah

I dont wanna run anymore
Forgive me Lord dont close your door
I promise I surrender
I'm giving you my heart and my soul
I've been thinking about my past
I wanna say I found you Lord at last
I just wanna tell you that already love you
I know you'll always be by my side
Forgive me Allah


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